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> Our Huawei flip case features an intelligently designed Smart View window in the front cover, so you are able to view notifications, weather, time, etc. without having to open the lid.

> It is designed specifically for use with the Huawei P30 (and we also have P30 Pro model available) and offers the perfect fit without impeding any of the functions including the power button, speakers, camera, etc.

> The case is made of high quality and carefully selected PU Leather and PC (Polycarbonate) materials, ensuring you are receiving a case that has a strong build and will protect your new Huawei P30 from damage such as scratches, blemishes, dirt, etc.

> View phone calls, alarms, weather, and other information through the Smart View window.

> Provides great all-round protection for your phone so no damage is done to screen and body.

> Slimline and durable construction. Conforms to the shape of the phone and lightweight.